Affiliation: The Research Council
Countries: Oman

I joined The Research Council (TRC) since July 2011 as Director of Research Administration Department. Before that, I was Assistant Director of Plant Production Research Center in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries since January 2007. Most of my scientific career and academic background is in the field of plant genetic resources and crop improvement. I involved with TRC as well in developing a strategy for establishing Animal and Plant Genetic Resources Center. Also, I am representing the country in the AARINENA netwrok of Plant Genetic Reseources as well as the Chair of the network since June 2011.

My attendance in this workshop will help me as Director of Research Administration to formulate with other stakeholders the priority researches in the AAgriculture that implement strategic goals of the country in food security and environmental resilience.

I had Ph.D. in Plant Breeding and Genetics from New Mexico State University and minor in Experimental Statistics.